Why not celebrate your child’s next birthday at Tumble!

We can accommodate both weekend parties as well as ones during half-terms. Our parties are for children ages 6 years and Under. If you are looking for 1 year old parties we can cater for them in our studio, for more information on these contact community@tumbleactivity.com

Our parties are priced as follows:

  • £300 for the hire of the Gymnastics space, 30 children and one of our dedicated party spaces.
  • £150 deposit will be required to secure your party space with the remainder of the balance due one month prior to the date of the party. 
  • The party price is based on self-catering but if you wish, our Coffee Vault staff have packages for catering at an additional cost. 

Sunday Parties

Sunday parties run at either 12:00, 13:15 & 15:45

(we will be introducing a 2:30 slot from June 2024)

Up to 1 hour downstairs in the gym and then remaining time will be in one of our Parties space, the Coffee Vault, the studio or our Garden Party Room. 

If your child is turning 6 or under, you can have a free play Fun time style party with a maximum number of 40 children (under 1s not included any numbers over 30 will be at an additional cost). Parents of children MUST be on the gym floor during this. 

If your party begins at 12:00 you can arrive at the centre at 11:45 to set up. 

If your party begins at 13:15 you can arrive at the centre at 13:00 to set up. 

If your party begins at 15:45 you can arrive at 15:30 to set up for your party.

The hire of the gym space will be exclusive to you for the party and the curtain will be pulled across for the party area in the Coffee Vault. 

The centre will still be open for the public for use of the Garden area and the remaining part of the coffee shop (which isn’t sectioned for the party).  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply decorations for parties?

We do not supply decorations, for the party however, you are more than welcome to bring your own. 

Can the children return to the gym once they have gone upstairs for food?

No, once the children have gone upstairs for their food, they will be unable to return to the Gymnastics area. You will have 60 minutes in the Gymnastics area before heading upstairs as stated in the above bullet points. 

Are refreshments provided?

We can provide jugs of water & cups downstairs for the children during their party session on request. No food or drink will be allowed in the gymnastics area but there will be an allocated table just outside. 

How do I book a party?

Please contact Libby on libby.tumbleparties@gmail.com  Once availability has been confirmed, we will require the deposit of £150 to be paid as soon as possible as we cannot reserve party slots without this. Please keep in mind that if you wait to pay a deposit the party date/time may have been taken by someone else! 

Do you provide food for the children?

The party price is based on self-catering but if you wish, our Coffee Vault staff have packages for catering at an additional cost.