TeamGym is the competitive element of gymnastics at Tumble Gymnastics & Activity Centre.

TeamGym includes routines being performed on 3 pieces of apparatus; tumble, trampette and floor. TeamGym requires teamwork, technique and acrobatic elements. Training and competitions generate and excellent team spirit amongst gymnasts which makes it the perfect gymnastics discipline to work in line with Tumble Gymnastic & Activity Centre’s ethos.

TeamGym originated from Scandinavia where it has been a major event for more than 20 years. The European Championships was first held in Finland in 1996 and now takes place every two years.

Tumble Gymnastics’s TeamGym programme is split up into our development pathways and competitive squads.

Development Pathway

Our development pathway train for 4 hours per week. In their sessions, the gymnasts work on key elements and fundamental TeamGym skills. Our development pathway is in preparation for our competitive squads and the gymnasts will have the opportunity to participate in local and regional competitions.

Competitive Squad

Our competitive squads train 9+ hours per week. They will be working towards high level TeamGym elements and hoping to qualify for national championships. Our competitive squad gymnasts will have the opportunity to work towards national pathways within British Gymnastics and attend international training camps.


Teams perform a floor routine within a 14x16m non sprung floor. The routine is accompanied by instrumental music with a strong emphasis on smooth teamwork and expressive presentation. All floors are choreographed using gymastic elements, fluid and linked movements focusing on synchronisation and teamwork.


Teams perform a series of somersaults and twists from a trampette with good streaming. Part of the trampette series is performed using a vaulting table. The complete series is performed to music with each team performing three different rounds. The streaming and complexity of the elements produces some very exciting performances. 


Teams perform a tumbling series on a 15 metre tumbling track. The series is performed to music. Each team performs 3 different rounds and each tumbling series includes a range of different acrobatic elements without intermediate steps.

To see TeamGym in action, take a look at the video below from the European TeamGym championships in Portugal 2018.

Access to TeamGym at Tumble Gymnastics & Activity Centre is strictly by invitation or trial only. All members of our gymnastics classes will be continuously monitored for progression opportunities to our TeamGym programme. For more information, please speak to one of our TeamGym Coaches or contact us to request to arrange a trial session.

It is a requirement that all gymnasts must have a British Gymnastics Membership which provides your insurance. We cannot allow your child to enter the gym without this. Please register your child at British Gymnastics. The cost of this is £46 for a competitive squad member